Sakina Counselling Service is a service that is being offered by Wycombe Mosque in partnership with Samina Ali (Dip PC). It is hoped that the community will take benefit of this service.

Sakina Counselling Service will run on a fortnightly basis on Saturdays from 2:30pm-9pm starting on May 14th.

The first consultation is free.  All subsequent sessions will be charged at £20 per session.

You can decide after the consultation if you wish to proceed with further sessions.  

Before booking your consultation, please ensure you read all the terms and conditions below.

  • Sakina Counselling Service is provided by Wycombe Mosque for Muslim residents of High Wycombe only.
  • Sessions can be conducted in English, Urdu or Punjabi.
  • Sakina Counselling Service will operate from Wycombe Mosque, Jubilee Road.  Please be advised that proper etiquette should be maintained when visiting the masjid.
  • This service is open to men, women, couples and families (babies and children under 14 years old will not be permitted to attend any sessions).
  • Single males booking to see Samina should be informed that Samina’s husband will sit in the session at the back of the room.  This is to ensure that the correct Islamic guidelines and etiquettes are followed.
  • For marriage counselling, both husband and wife must be present at the session.  Marriage counselling cannot work with only one party present.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the session.  If you are cancelling your free consultation with less than 48 hours notice, then you forfeit your entitlement to the free consultation and will have to pay for any subsequent sessions.

 To proceed to the booking page, please follow the link below.

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