Road to Scholarship Programme

Wycombe Mosque is working in a partnership with Abu Zahra Foundation to deliver the Road to Scholarship programme. This course is designed for young students as an introduction to the traditional Islamic Sciences on a part-time basis.  Taught by our experienced and well qualified teacher Sheikh Tanveer Hussain every Saturday at Bucks University. Learning is rigorous and intensive while delivered in a relaxed and engaging environment.

A strong emphasis on ‘knowing the exemplar’–the Prophet Muhammad– through a study of Sira and Shamail will run throughout the programme. This will allow students to know and hence emulate in detail the life and conduct of the Best of Creation, (Allah bless him and give him peace).

On completion of the course, students will have attained a solid foundation in all of the traditional Islamic Sciences, as well as the Arabic Language; this will be sufficient religious knowledge for them to live their lives as committed Muslims and also teach others. It will also enable those that have the desire, to pursue intermediate and advanced studies in the various Shariah disciplines. It will also equip the students with the necessary tools to progress to intermediate and advanced level studies.