CIL Youth 2023-24

A journey of knowledge and personal growth.

  • Course Details

    Starts on: Sunday 10th September 2023 Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
    Location: Bucks New University (Main campus), High Wycombe Cost: £195 (Additional child £175)
    Before registering an additional child(ren), please email  after completing the registration of your 1st child.
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  • Modular Programme

  • This course will follow along with the academic calendar for local schools in Buckinghamshire.

    The CIL Youth programme is a modular programme designed to give students in primary and secondary schools a basic foundation in Farḑ al-‘ayn knowledge, that is essential for every Muslim to learn. In this unique one-year programme, we will be using the Nasihah and the ISyllabus for Schools series books. Both books are fully-structured Islamic Studies courses. The Nasihah books focusing on primary school children, whilst the ISyllabus books for those in Secondary school.

    The course is based on a traditional understanding of Sunni doctrine and the Hanafi school of law, and is taught by traditionally trained and authorised teachers. Upon completing the programme, students will have acquired a good foundational knowledge in the core disciplines as well as an exposure to formal Islamic studies.

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    Who should attend?

    This programme is tailored for Muslim children between the ages of 7-16 years.

    CIL Youth - Primary School

    Age: 7 – 11

    CIL Youth - Secondary School

    Age: 11–16

    How are the classes taught?

    Each session is 2 hours long and compromises of two 55-minute sessions delivered by two different teachers, with a 10 min break in between.  All lessons are taught from the work books which will be provided free of charge.

    CIL Youth Primary Teachers: Ustadha Umm Hashim, Ustadha Saima Yasin, Ustadha Taliya Hussain, Ustadha Maria Kauser

    CIL Youth Secondary Teachers: Shaykh Tanveer Hussain, Shaykh Amro Ali, Imam Mubasir Iqbal, Ustad Abeed Mehmood

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  • What is unique about this course?
    1. We have a diverse teaching team who have great capabilities to relate to the children and will prove to be good role-models for the children.

    2. The classes will cover an array of different, exciting topics related to Islam, Imaan, Ihsan, and living Islam. 

    3. Each class will be interactive and delivered by British born, traditionally trained Imams and teachers; so as to maximise understanding. 

    4. The students will have lots of opportunities to ask the instructors/teachers questions during and outside class.

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  • Is CIL Youth for my child?
  • This programme will allow the children at this vulnerable and delicate period of their lives to not only have access to fundamental knowledge, but more importantly to mentors who shall serve as role models and guides in this delicate period of their lives. Safeguarding one’s faith and identity as a Muslim is of upmost importance; and it is hoped that this programme will facilitate this for our next generation.

    We have successfully ran the course for the last 5 years, with a few hundred students having completed the course. The programme was thoroughly enjoyed by both; the children and the teachers, with students travelling from as far as Oxford, Watford, Slough and Maidenhead.