In the last 40 years Wycombe Mosque has grown to become an integral part of the cultural and religious setting of the multi-cultural community in High Wycombe. The trust has successfully managed to earn the trust and respect of the community by providing them with a wide spectrum of facilities and services. Wycombe Mosque has also formed strong relationships with the local Council, the Police, and the non-Muslim population. 

Wycombe Mosque raises funds on a regular basis for different projects to help poor and needy in our society. We have raised funds for a local hospital, Cancer research, Islamic Relief, and many other charities. Currently Wycombe Mosque is raising funds for a special school in High Wycombe Chiltern Wood School which cater for 200 children with special needs. The school is hoping to raise £30,000 to install an overhead tracking hoist system in each of the specialist classroom. 

Our donations make our institution and our mission stronger and able to build more of a presence in the community and make the most impact.

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