Wycombe Mosque extends the hand of friendship and dialogue to its neighbours of other faiths through a range of interfaith exchanges and visits to each other’s places of worship.

The aim of this is to promote the message of understanding and respect and better outreach and engagement work between mosques and our diverse local communities in High Wycombe.  

It is very important to help non-Muslim communities and organisations understand that Islam as a peaceful religion and that we are as Muslims open to dialogue on all matters regarding faith.

The Council for Christian Muslim Relations (CCMR)

The Council for Christian Muslim Relations (CCMR) was established in 2006/7 in the wake of so-called 'liquid bomb plot' that led to a large scale investigation in High Wycombe by the Metropolitan Police. The group behind this plot included a HW resident. Hence a huge crisis in local community relations was feared with a possible backlash and a resulting cycle of violence.

CCMR was formed with the support of all the key statutory and voluntary bodies including Wycombe Mosque, All Saints Parish Church, Bucks New University, Local Authority, Thames Valley Police, Imams and Priests as well as relevant central government officials. 

It's mission is to work towards promoting community cohesion and building the bonds of interfaith unity and respectful mutual existence. 

The strong and positive relations between CCMR and the Wycombe Mosque have been vital in creating a stable and peaceful environment within the local multifaith and multiracial communities. We look forward to continuing this important work in cooperation and collaboration with each other as we endeavour to build a cohesive and just society around us. 

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