Ramadan Sanctuary Itikaf Programme

Welcome to "The Ramadan Sanctuary," a special program tailored for men and women and anyone over the age of 16. You can join the programme either as:

  1. A home based learner attending the masjid for classes or
  2. Apply for the limited Itikaf spaces which are available at Jubilee Road Masjid.

Why Attend?

The Ramadan Sanctuary course, held during the last ten days of Ramadan, is an exceptional opportunity to utilise your time wisely and enhance your spirituality during this blessed month. These days are regarded as the most sacred in the Islamic calendar, offering a unique chance for deeper reflection, prayer, and connection with Allah. The course is designed to enrich your understanding of Islam, foster spiritual growth, and strengthen your faith through a carefully curated program of study and worship. By participating, you immerse yourself in a supportive community seeking to maximise the spiritual benefits of Ramadan, making it an ideal way to conclude the holy month on a high note of personal and religious development.


Shaykh Tanveer Hussain

Shaykh Tanveer studied the Islamic Sciences in Syria for 8 years with notable teachers such as: Shaykh Dr. Samir al-Nass, Shaykh Abdul-Razzaq al-Halabi, Shaykh Adeeb Kallas, Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, and Shaykh Anas al-Hibri.  Ustadh Tanweer is a graduate of M’ahad al-Fath al-Islami. He has previously been working in Oxfordshire, where he taught at Shifa School, Shifa Evening School, and at the Sacred Study Programme. Ustadh Tanveer is an Executive Director of the Shifa Trust. Shaykh Tanveer now resides in High Wycombe, teaching the Certificate in Islamic Learning (CIL) course amongst many other classes as part of Wycombe Mosque. 


Shaykh Dr Ridwan Saleem

Sh Dr Ridwan Saleem is a distinguished scholar who has studied Islamic sciences under renowned teachers such as Sh Hamza Yusuf, Sh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, and Imam Zaid Shakir, among others. Spending over four years in Damascus, he also attended classes by Sh Sa’eed Ramadan al-Bouti. With university degrees in Medicine and Anthropology, Dr Ridhwan is a consultant psychiatrist. He holds a traditional Ijaza from Sh al-Yaqoubi and an Alim degree from Sh Akram al-Nadwi. Furthermore, he is the founder of the Lady Nafisa secondary school for girls and the Ha Meem Foundation in West London.


Mawlana Saman Hussain

Mawlana Saman Hussain is an accomplished Islamic scholar who has completed an Advanced Diploma in Islamic Sciences and Classical Arabic over five years at Jamia al Karam, followed by a High Diploma of Specialization in Islamic Law from the same institution. He underwent rigorous Fatwa training at Al-Azhar University under the UK branch of the World Organization for Al-Azhar Graduates. Mawlana Saman also holds a Master of Arts in Religion in Global Politics from SOAS, University of London. Currently, he is involved with Al Baqir, heading a Saturday school, and the Karima Foundation's Alimiyyah programme. Additionally, he serves as a Muslim Chaplain at Broadmoor Hospital, offering spiritual support to both patients and staff.

Subjects to be covered:

The Virtues of the Quran: This comprehensive course serves as an essential cornerstone for delving into the timeless virtues embodied by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It underscores the profound importance of not only comprehending but also actively emulating his noble character. By delving into his teachings and exemplary life, participants gain invaluable insights into the essence of compassion, wisdom, and resilience. Through an exploration of his virtues, students uncover practical guidance applicable to contemporary challenges, fostering personal growth and a deeper connection to the teachings of Islam.

History: Islam & the West: This course takes you through the history of Islam and its relationship with the West, starting with the time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and moving through various important periods. We'll look at the early leaders, the growth of Islamic empires like the Umayyads and Abbasids, and then onto the powerful Gunpowder Empires such as the Ottomans. Finally, we explore how the West began to rise in the 18th century, leading to the colonial era. It's a journey through many significant moments, showing how Islam and the West have interacted over the centuries.

Tafsir - Parables in the Quran: This course offers a simple and engaging journey through the parables found in the Quran. Parables are stories used to illustrate and teach deeper spiritual lessons, and the Quran is full of these meaningful tales. Each session will explore different Quranic parables, helping you understand their messages and how they apply to everyday life. Whether you're looking to deepen your faith or simply curious about the wisdom contained in the Quran, this course will bring these stories to life in a clear and accessible way.