When the Prophet ﷺ arrived at Masjid al-Aqsa, Jibreel عليه السلام informed him that Allah ﷻ had congregated every Prophet and Messenger ever sent, and that the Prophet ﷺ would lead them all in prayer. (Sahih Bukhari, 3207)

Can we imagine how the Prophet ﷺ must have felt to be in their company, to speak to them, to hear about stories and struggles, and to find comfort in knowing that he wasn’t alone? In this free children's event we’ll be revisiting the Miraculous Night Journey and the impact it had on the Prophet ﷺ’s life.

Join us for Storytelling, Arts and craft, Qasidas & more with Ustadha Myra & Ustadha Fatima

Free event for children aged 7-10

Saturday 18th February 2023 | 11am - 1pm
Townfield Totteridge Mosque, HP13 6EB