• How difficult is the diploma?

    If you have completed CIL Essentials and have an interest to go in to a bit more depth then you will be fine. It has been designed to be easy to study and simplified from more complicated texts.

  • Do I need to know Arabic for the Diploma?

    No, Arabic is not required nor will it be taught.

  • So what about this studying in Jordan programme, when do I get my plane ticket?

    Not so fast! This is something being developed for learners who show aptitude, interest and desire to learn more.

    They will need to fulfil strict criteria to be eligible for this programme which will operate in a separate window to the Diploma but tie in and be complementary to it.

    Those who fulfil the criteria can expect a bursary to help cover the costs of flights, accommodation and study costs for a carefully structured intensive learning programme.

    So you have a fair bit of work to do before having a shawarma sandwich in downtown Amman.

  • Sounds good but I think the diploma is too heavy for me, I might give it a miss!

    That's fine! That is why we have the boost pathway. We know the Diploma is not suitable for everyone.

  • What if I realise I am in the wrong pathway and want to switch?

    That should be possible, but please try to do so early on within the first few weeks.

  • Will there be exams for the Diploma course?

    There will be optional exams, you can decide not to sit them. Their function is more to help you focus and for those looking to evidence their learning to be able to teach primary and secondary school level Islamic studies.

    There is one exception, those who would like to apply for the Arabic abroad programme must sit the exams to be eligible.

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