Starting Saturday 14th January 2023
Jubilee Road Mosque

Ages: 8-11
Limited Spaces

Taught by Ustadha Myra Hussain

“Teach your children three things: love of your Prophet, love of his family and to recite the Qur’ān.” — The Prophet ﷺ

After a series of successful Seerah holiday camps, Wycombe Mosque presents an immersive course designed to educate children about the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ through fun and engaging activities.

Children will learn about the characteristics of The Prophet ﷺ, key events in his life important figures and the importance of loving him ﷺ

The class will be held every Saturday 10am-12pm at Jubilee Road Mosque commencing on Saturday 14th January.

Places are limited and registration is required.

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 14-Jan-23  Session 1  The importance of the Prophet ﷺ & the world before his birth.
 21-Jan-23  Session 2  The Prophetic lineage.
 28-Jan-23  Session 3  The Prophet's ﷺ appearance.
 04-Feb-23  Session 4  The Year of the Elephant & Surah Fil.
 11-Feb-23  Session 5  Birth, Early childhood and fostering by Halimah Sadia
 18-Feb-23 BREAK 
 25-Feb-23  Session 6  Teen Years, Bahira the monk & the pact of chivalry.
 04-Mar-23  Session 7  20s: Marriage to Khadijah (ra), Zayd ibn Harithah.
 11-Mar-23  Session 8  30s and Children.
 18-Mar-23  Session 9  The first revelation & first muslims.
 25-Mar-23  Session 10  The first muslims.
 01-Apr-23  Session 11  End of unit assessment & closing ceremony.