Wycombe Mosque Funeral Service was set up in 2018 to serve the Muslim community of High Wycombe by arranging and managing the funerals of their loved ones. Our staff are professional and exceptionally diligent in their approach to such a sensitive time. The service provided is of a high standard with the majority of provisions included. Everything you require to carry out the funeral arrangements can be accommodated for by Wycombe Mosque Funeral Service.

We can advise on all aspects of funeral and burial arrangements, and make any necessary arrangements, including Ghusal, the Janazah (funeral) prayer at WIMMT. We also have a full mortuary facility at Castlefield Mosque. 

Funeral services will include all below:

  • Taking body from home or hospital to funeral services
  • Helping in getting cause of death certificate from GP or hospital
  • Helping in getting death certificate from the registration office
  • Obtaining Corner’s report etc. for sending bodies abroad
  • Transportation from home to mortuary – cemetery or airport

Prices for funeral

Local funeral service includes:
  • Ccollecting the deceased from the Stoke Mandeville / Wycombe / Wrexham hospital.
  • Or from a residential address in High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Maidenhead or Slough.
  • Transport to masjid and the local cemetery.
Cost: £975
Prices for outside of above the areas:
  • Oxford - £1075.
  • London - £1350 plus congestion charge.
  • Any other area POA.
Kafan including towel, soap and ghsul cloth - £50.

Please contact the following funeral directors for further information: 

Haji Abdul Rashid: 07968 890651

Abdul Jabbar: 07727 627171

Sajid Ali: 07768 847373


Terms and Conditions for Deceased’s Family while using the mosque facilities.

  • Funeral Prayers will only be led by an Imam authorised by Wycombe Mosque.
  • No more than 5 family members will be allowed in the mortuary during the Ghusal (Wash).
  • In the case of using the mosque space for sitting etc., Mosque office MUST be informed in advance and booking request form needs to be filled.
  • Mosque sitting facilities will be available subject to the availability but for no more than 3 three days. Please confirm from the mosque office before confirming/announcing to your family or friends.
  • In the case of serving refreshments, all rubbish must be disposed and cannot be left outside by the bins, but arrangements must be made for the rubbish to be taken away.
  • All the funeral payment MUST be paid before burial unless deceased is a member of a death committee.
  • Public attending the funeral will be expected to park their cars properly.