Nikah Ceremony Service

  • Family life is the foundation of a successful society, and marriage is an occasion of great joy in the Muslim community.
    Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said:

    “We have not seen anything better than marriage for those who are in love”.
    (Ibn Majah, 1847)
  • Dowry

  • One of the essential elements of a Nikah is that the man agrees to pay the woman a dowry. The dowry is not a gift and is a mandatory requirement for all men whereby an amount of money or possession with monetary value is paid to the woman at the time of Nikah ceremony or later in the future for her exclusive use.

    WIMMT Nikah Requirements

  • Documents: Valid photo ID (passport / driving licence) and proof of address for Bride and Groom.
  • New Muslims: Conversation Certificate for new Muslims.
  • Witnesses: Presence of two Muslim Male witnesses, with their ID’s.
  • Wali: Bride’s Wali (guardian) or Wakeel (attorney) to be present.
  • Divorced: If any one or both of the couple were previously divorced, we will require the Islamic certificate of divorce.
  • Nikah Fees: £100 non-refundable deposit payable at the time of booking. No Nikah will be booked unless a deposit is paid in advance.
  • Age: Bride and Groom to be aged 18 years and over.
  • Notes

  • Nikah Certificates: WIMMT will only issue two original certificates (one for each couple) at the end of the Nikah ceremony.
  • Skype/Telephone: A skype or telephone Nikah will not be conducted.
  • Polygamy: The law in the UK does not recognise polygamous marriages.
  • Civil Marriage Registry: A Nikah as conducted by an imam, is not considered a civil marriage without an official registry