In this module we will study a fascinating selection of hadith compiled by the ninth-century scholar at-Tirmidhi that humanizes the Prophet ﷺ for modern audiences, presenting him ﷺ through the eyes of contemporaries who comment not only on his ﷺ spiritual demeanour and qualities but also on his ﷺ physical appearance and mannerisms—including his ﷺ hairdressing, his ﷺ sitting posture, his ﷺ sandals and turban, his ﷺ armour, his ﷺ favourite condiments, and his ﷺ jests and laughter.

The course will introduce students to the Messenger of Allah ﷺ from a unique perspective. Learning about his ﷺ noble features, character, eating habits, laughter, manner of walking, clothing and other personal aspects, the course will present the intimate details of the Prophet ﷺ’s life, going beyond merely studying the events in his ﷺ life. The course should culminate in a student’s ability to construct a comprehensive picture of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ in their mind’s eye and have a deeper understanding of the personality that has captivated hearts for centuries.