The Prophetic Biography is one of the most fascinating and magical subjects which students never seem to tire from, no matter how many times they study it. We will once again take the opportunity to chronologically study the life of the greatest man to ever walk the earth - Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. However, this time round we have devoted a further ten weeks to this blessed journey, so in total we will have 40 one-hour lessons.

This module looks to expand on our existing knowledge of the Sirah acquired via the CIL 1 Sirah module. The 40 hours devoted to this module should enable us to dig deeper in to the blessed life of the Rasul ﷺ and the many events that unfolded therein, and establish a wholesome understanding of the key facts and the people involved, in-order to give us a more profound appreciation of his extraordinary example ﷺ.