Course Overview
Belief in the prophets is a key part of the Muslim faith. The Holy Qur’an mentions 25 prophets by name and spoke extensively about the people they were sent to and the challenges they faced in inviting them to the worship of their Lord Allah Most High.  In this course we will explore the wondrous lives of those holy prophets, where they lived, their families and their people. Extracting lessons learnt from their stories and exploring ways to implement them into our lives so that we can navigate our own lives with faith and gratitude.

Learning outcomes:

  • Their names, their families and where they lived.
  • Explain how the Prophets were tested and how they overcame their tests.
  • Understand the tactics used by the enemies of God.
  • Take inspiration to face our own challenges in life with faith and gratitude.

We will cover the lives of two Prophets every month, with one Friday class at Jubilee Road Mosque and one Sunday class at Totteridge mosque. Both mosques accommodate for sisters who wish to join.