Fiqh of family life and the criminal justice system: A study of the legal rulings related to marriage, divorce, government structure, the legal system and maintenance of law and order in a Muslim society.

Fiqh of Inheritance: A study of the legal rulings regarding wills who inherits and in which scenarios along with the specific shares allotted to each person.

Fiqh of worship: A study of the rulings related to purification, prayer, fasting, zakat and Hajj.

Fiqh of Halal and Haram: A study of the legal rulings related food, dress, personal interaction along with noble character traits.

Intermediate level Aqidah: A study of the Jawharah al-Tawhid poem which is a classic of Sunni Islam still taught at the historic Al-Azhar university.

Introduction to the sciences of the Quran: A study of topics related to the historical transmission, structure and layout of the Quran along with the different types of tafsir.

Introduction to Usul al-Fiqh: A study of how legal rulings are derived along with an overview of the Sunni schools of law, levels of scholars and related issues.