Last 10 Surahs & Rabbana Duas

One of the best ways to increase your faith and love for Allah is to study the last 10 surahs of the Quran and learn the Rabbana duas. These surahs are short but powerful, containing many lessons and reminders for the believers. They also help you memorise some of the most frequently recited parts of the Quran in your prayers.

The Rabbana duas are beautiful supplications that you can make to Allah in any situation. They teach you how to ask Allah for His mercy, guidance, forgiveness, protection, and blessings. By learning these duas, you will be able to connect with Allah more deeply and sincerely.

So don't delay, start your journey today and reap the rewards in this world and the next!

Teachers:  Ustadha Fatima & Ustadha Samina

The Rightly Guided Caliphs

Do you want to learn more about the history and legacy of the four righteous caliphs who succeeded the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the leaders of the Muslim community?  In this course, you will discover the amazing stories and achievements of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (may Allah be pleased with them all), who were chosen by the consensus of the believers to guide them in the path of Islam. You will learn about their virtues, their challenges, their contributions to the expansion and consolidation of the Islamic state, and their role models for Muslims of all times.

This course will inspire you to follow their example of piety, justice, wisdom and courage, and to appreciate the rich heritage they left behind for us. Don't miss this opportunity to increase your knowledge and love for these noble companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him)!

Teacher:  Ustadh Waqas

Seerah & Ramadan Arts and Crafts

Do you want to learn more about the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions? Do you enjoy making creative and beautiful art projects? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join our short course for 8-11 year olds on Seerah & Ramadan Arts and Crafts!

In this course, you will explore the stories and lessons from the Seerah, the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and how they relate to Ramadan. You will also learn how to make different kinds of arts and crafts using simple materials that you can find at home. You will create your own Ramadan calendar, lanterns, bookmarks, cards, and more!

Teacher: Ustadha Myra